~~ Mountain, Studio Manager

Windfall Studios will be happy to help you arrange the services of the
following session musicians to help you fully realize your project needs.

Call us at 540-745-2538 for pricing and availability.

Kari Kovick - Vocal Leads/Harmonies/Backing (Female), percussion

Michael Kovick - Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar, Harmonica, Vocal Leads/Backing/Harmonies Mike Mitchell - Violin/Fiddle, Vocal Leads/Harmonies/Backing

Rusty May – Stand up Acoustic Bass, Bass vocals

Rick Hall – Electric Bass

Doug Roberts – Electric Bass, Guitar, Vocal Harmonies/Backing

Abe Goorskey - Mandolin, Guitar, Vocal Leads/Backing/Harmonies

Chris Luster – Electric and Acoustic Stand-up Bass

Diane Jackson - Vocal Leads/Backing/Harmonies

Dave Hoffner - Keyboards, Synth, Midi, Arranger, String arrangements, Banjo,
                        Hammer dulcimer, Vocal leads/Backing/Harmonies

Brad Miller - Drums, Percussion

Mac Traynham – Claw Hammer Banjo, Old Time Fiddle,
                           Carter Style and Old Time Guitar, Vocals

Dave Fason - Guitar, Pedal Steel, Banjo, Keyboard, Dobro, Mandolin, EZ Drummer
                       Drum Programming, Arrangements, Vocal Leads/Backing/Harmonies

We have a wealth of talent in Floyd County and the surrounding areas, including musicians from all genres of music. 

Give us a call and let's talk about your project needs.

Session Musicians

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