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Across the Great Divide - Windfall   
If Teardrops Were Pennies - Janet Turner   
Drunk & Drenched - Big Mama Joy      
Dark Hollow - Windfall     
Don't Wait for Me - Abby Bowen & Luke Thomas  
I Know a Little - Stonewall   
Shades of Gray - Windfall   
Stop by Monies - The Meters Running   
Give the People What They Want - Time is Art
An Ocean of Diamonds - Janet Turner 
Sake - Big Mama Joy  
Someday Soon - Windfall     
One way Out - Stonewall   
Two Ways to Fall - Diane Jackson & Dave Fason  
Gold Watch and Chain - Janet Turner 
On a Roll - Windfall  
I Don't Love You Much, Do I? - Diane Jackson & Dave Fason

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