... where every voice is heard.

1970 Gibson SG w/ Bigsby

1983 Yamaha SA 2000 Semi-Hollow Body

1972 Reissue Fender Telecaster (4 way Switch, shielded)

Gibson J200

Gibson J45

Guild D212 Twelve String

Baritone Guitar

Gold Tone Bluegrass Banjo

Regal “Black Lightnng” Dobro, Quarterman cone,
            Nashville bridge and Fishman

Jerry Douglas Aura

Dekley 10 String, 3 pedal, 4 knee lever Pedal Steel

Yamaha SY 85 Synthesizer

Ibanez SRX Bass



Mesa 5:25 Express Guitar Amp

Peavey TNT 115 bass amp


Digital Studio

Mac Pro (2012) Quad Core 16 GB Ram 
Pro Tools 10.X to latest revision
Pro Tools Production Tool Kit (Plugins)
AVID Artist Series Mixer
Plugins by WAVES, Antares, Toontrak EZ Drummer and more
Roland VS 2480 Digital Studio
JBL LSR 4328 Studio Monitors
Great River Mono Preamp
ART MPA GOLD Dual Channel Pre-Amp
Art Mono Tube Pre Amp
MBox Pro
FMR Audio RNC (Really Nice Compressors)
6 Channel headphone amp with individual volume, treble and bass control
Alessis Masterlink Mastering recorder 


Lawson LMP-49 Tube Condenser 
Neumann TLM 103 Condenser
Shure KSM 44 Condenser
Shure KSM 27 Condenser
Royer 121 Ribbon
Rode NT5 Pencil Condenser (matched pair)
AKG 3000B Condenser
Shure 5.0 BG Condenser
Sennheiser e609 Amplifier Mics (2)
Shure SM 57 (2)
Shure PE 58 (2)
Shure PE54D

Studio Equipment List

The Windfall Studios