Comments from studio clients... 

"Your attention to detail, knowing your equipment (and instruments), and your listening skills are making this adventure a pleasure... look forward to each session as we co-create and explore together and with musician friends! Thank you!!!"

~~ Bob Grubel

"It's happening my friend. Can't wait to get workin' again with you."

~~Bob Evans

"The atmosphere is warm and the engineer is both knowledgeable and friendly. i had such a wonderful time last night, only my 2nd visit, and look forward to many returns in the future. Thanks Dave Fason (and Bob Grubel for having me participate and share in your music)."

~~Dave N. Heare

Located outside of Floyd, Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Windfall Studios is an intimate, musician friendly studio providing digital and analog facilities. 

 Our main system is the latest Pro Tools software running in a MAC Pro environment. Our system includes a full suite of Pro Tools plugins and some of the critical plugins from Waves, Antares and other third party providers. We also have Sibelius, Eleven Rack (both as a plugin and stand-alone hardware unit, Toontrak’s EZ Drummer and Artist Series Mixer from Avid. (Check out our Studio Equipment page.)

We can record up to 16 tracks simultaneously for those wanting to record “live”. If you want to record in an analog environment, we can do it. We use a Tascam 8 track unit that can track your project and either mix from there or import to Pro Tools to mix and master.

We can work with you to create a finished product ready to go to the CD production facility or to a separate facility for mixing and mastering, if you prefer.

We have a wide range of instruments and can provide studio talent as needed. In addition, Windfall Studios can provide remote recording so you can capture the energy of your live performance. 

About The Windfall Studios

The Windfall Studios

... where every voice is heard.