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The Windfall Studios

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Located outside of Floyd Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway, Windfall Studios is an intimate, musician friendly studio providing digital and analog facilities. We have a wide range of instruments and can provide studio talent as needed. In addition, Windfall Studios can provide remote recording so you can capture the energy of your live performance.

Comments from studio clients... 

"This is what making a record is supposed to be like. Friends playing music in one room, all together. It's easy to see what he means. There is an immediacy and an intimacy in this recording-a sense of joy and energy..."
~~ Abe Goorsky - Mandolin/Vocals, Bluemoonshine Band

"It's like sitting in the room listening to the group play. You capture the feel of the music and the fun we had making it."
~~ Michael Kovick - Mandolin/Fiddle/Harmonica/Vocals, WindFall

"I've been recording for over 10 years and this is the best day of recording I ever had. It was sweet..."
~~ Mike Mitchell - Fiddle/Vocals, Bluemoonshine Band

"You always feel comfortable in the studio. They allow you to stretch out and try things and the results speak for themselves."
~~ Doug Roberts - Bass/Guitar/Vocals, Stilbound

"The studio atmosphere is so relaxed. It feels more like having a reunion of old friends than working at recording.  The good vibes are always flowing at Windfall Studios!"
~~ Staff Photographer, Stonewall

"Hear FLOYD TIME by Windfall to witness the magic that Windfall studios breeds.

~~ Rob Bannister, Independent Music Critic